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Dark Balsamic

Olive Us is proud to offer the highest quality traditional style condimento balsamic vinegar produced by the world’s oldest and most respected balsamic maker in Modena, Italy. A “must” is created as Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes are crushed and cooked in copper kettles over an open wood fire in the “Traditional Style”. This time honored method of making balsamic naturally thickens and deeply caramelizes the grape sugar which turns a rich, dark mahogany-brown. According to the Solera method, the cooked “must” is then placed in a succession of very old, fired wood barrels (i.e. – chestnut, oak, cherry, mulberry, ash) each of which contain residual amounts of older balsamic. The wine “must” ferments and ages up to 18 years, continuing to gain complexity and richness as it transforms into thick, creamy and incredibly sweet vinegar.

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White Balsamic

Our white balsamic vinegar is produced using the same type of grapes and method as the dark balsamic, except the grape “must” is gently cooked to avoid caramelization and preserve its clear colour and then aged in new wood only.

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Specialty Vinegars

Olive Us offers a selection of fine specialty vinegars to expand your culinary horizons.

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