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All three Olive Us Oil & Vinegar Tasting Room locations – Vernon, Lake Country, and Salmon Arm – are open for in-store shopping or pickup!  We’re happy to offer complimentary samples at all of our locations! We sincerely appreciate your continued support. Our online store is open 24/7 to ship across Canada or right to your door! ❤️

We’re always so happy to see you in the tasting rooms! Year after year, we love to welcome you back or to meet you for the first time!  It’s a priviledge when you bring your friends, families and visitors to join in the tasting room adventure!  We hope the experience brings pleasure to your palate and happy guests to your table.

We are so thankful to those who support us from near and far and who continue to brighten our day… we love to see you and hear from you!  And if you can’t make it in… we’ll ship to you!  Without all of you, there would be no Olive Us!

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Olive Us – Vernon:

Olive Us Oil & Vinegar Tasting Room
3003A-30TH Street, Vernon
Phone:  250-260-2880

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Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 5:30
Saturday: 10:00 – 4:30
Sunday, Monday, & Statutory holidays: Closed

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Olive Us – Lake Country:

Olive Us Oil & Vinegar Tasting Room
76 – 9522 Main Street, Lake Country
Phone:  778-480-6457

OPEN for In-Store Shopping or Pick Up!

*Closed Saturday June 15 (Lake Country only)
Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 5:30
*Saturday: 10:00 – 4:30
Sunday, Monday, & Statutory holidays: Closed

Shop in store or order online 24/7
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(Hours and services are subject to change, so please check back)

Olive Us – Salmon Arm:

Olive Us Oil & Vinegar Tasting Room
2090 10th Ave. SW, Salmon Arm
Westgate Public Market

OPEN for In-Store Shopping or Pick Up!

Wednesday – Friday: 10:00 – 5:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 4:00
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Statutory holidays: Closed

Shop in store or order online 24/7
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(Hours and services are subject to change, so please check back)


Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vinegar, Sea Salt and Loads of Other Healthy Delicious Goodness

When you open the door to world-class, ultra fresh olive oils, balsamic vinegar and sea salts for the first time, it’s like walking into that Wonka dude’s chocolate factory, or seeing your first 3D movie on the big screen.  That’s sure how it was for us. After that first time, we were hooked. In fact, the more we tasted and learned, the more convinced we became, that this was something we absolutely must share. We loved it so much, that we chucked our old careers in order to open a store in our home town of Vernon, B.C.

What we discovered was that these amazing products were not only incredibly tasty and versatile, but they also had phenomenally healthy properties. You don’t have to tell yourself that these products are good for you, the yum factor alone is convincing enough. Sure, it’s great to know that the high concentration of polyphenols in extra-virgin olive oil mean a powerful antioxidant with significant health benefits, but who’s thinking of that when it tastes so great on a salad or as an all natural butter-flavored infusion drizzled over your popcorn? With dozens of different types of products to pair with pretty much any food ingredient out there, the creative possibilities in your kitchen are virtually endless. We have heaps of suggestions and recipes to get you started, so there’s no shortage of ideas to help.

The Ultra Premium (UP) standard for extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) is reserved for the finest extra virgin olive oils in the world. As such, the UP grade exceeds all existing European, Italian, Spanish, Greek, North American, Californian, or any other standard for the grade known as extra virgin olive oil. In order to qualify for the UP grade, the extra virgin olive oil must meet or exceed a comprehensive set of Production, Storage, Transportation, Testing, Chemistry, and Organoleptic requirements. To learn more about Ultra Premium EVOO, click here.

Now we’ve added so much more! Can you say out-of-this world artisan pasta? Heck yes you can and we think Pappardelle’s makes the best, so that’s what we have for you.  Pack a picnic or create a fabulous charcuterie board (including the board!)! We’re also offering some of the most incredible boutique offerings from local and regional artists and food wizards you can imagine. These include amazing chocolates, jams, jellies, relishes and other preserves. You’re going to fall in love with the gorgeous pottery and hand-painted glassware to store and serve these products too.  We also create beautiful  custom gifts, baskets and special event favours.  These are not the kind of things you’ll get from big-box retailers either. Now you can personalize a truly unique, tasty, and healthy culinary experience. Best of all, you can have fun doing it! In fact, we think that’s such a core concept, that we print it right on our bottles – Go Ahead, Play with Your Food!

How about a jump start? With so many wonderful flavors and products to combine in practically endless combinations, it’s sometimes a little challenging to know where exactly to start. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran, it’s nice to have tested ideas from others at your disposal. That’s why we’ve put together this Cheat-Sheet Handy Reference Guide and Pairing Suggestions doc for you. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD . Then simply click the Back Button on your browser once you’ve downloaded or printed the PDF doc.

Olive Oil

The making of premium quality extra-virgin olive oil is an ancient process passed down through the generations, yet significantly improved with modern techniques and testing. Olives are grown in various locations around the globe using pure natural, organic and sustainable methods.


Balsamic Vinegar

Premium quality balsamic vinegar resembles the stuff you put on your french fries the way a paper airplane resembles the space shuttle. Olive Us is proud to offer high quality barrel-aged, traditional style condimento balsamic vinegar produced by one of the world’s oldest and most respected balsamic makers in Modena, Italy.

Sea Salts and Spices

Olive Us offers all natural, premium quality sea salts including gourmet salts, smoked salts, and fused salts. From Himalayan Pink to Murray River Flake, Black Truffle and Applewood Smoked, you’ll never think of salt the same way again. Expand your culinary horizons by adding a few of these babies to your pantry!

Pasta and More…

Olive Us offers an incredible array of flavourful artisan pastas from Pappardelle’s. Select from dozens of delicious varieties, such as Lemon Chive Angel Hair pasta, Spicy Thai Linguine and Basil Garlic Sea Shells to exotics such as Calypso Blend as well as fabulous Gluten Free options. C’mon, time to leave plain mac & cheese behind…


Take that voyage of discovery and learn more about the world of amazing extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegar and more. Find a treasure trove of cooking inspiration and ideas you can use right away for everything from snacks, to drinks to full-blown dinner extravaganzas.
Whether you’re just looking to prepare simple, healthy meals for your family, or working on becoming that award-winning celebrity kitchen guru, we want to help. For example, just a few drops of infused balsamic drizzled onto fruit transforms it into a heavenly dinner party dessert, while the same thing will turn ordinary yogurt into a blissful breakfast zest fest.


(of course you are!)
Tasting the Full Sensory Experience…

It’s not simply the taste. We believe the best experiences in life engage all of our senses: vision, taste, smell, sound and touch. The most powerful experiences reach us on an emotional level. To that end, we have striven to create a beautiful, immersive environment that feels comfortable, unhurried, friendly and fun. Our own voyage of discovery has been amazing and we want your’s to be as well. The orchards, vineyards and fruit are beautiful. The colors and textures are sumptuous. Just holding a handful of olives or grapes feels wonderful. The scents at every stage are subtle, varied and sexy. With the silky viscosity of olive oil’s vibrant greens and golden-colored Ichor, to the thick, almost opaque black of balsamic vinegar, to the glorious vivid pink of Himalayan Sea Salt, you will find a feast for all the senses.

It All Starts with Natural Ingredients

People have been making and consuming Olive Oil for literally thousands of years. It’s a staple of the Mediterranean diet for example, one of the most delicious and healthy you’ll find anywhere on the planet. Same goes for Balsamic Vinegar and Sea Salts. Growing, harvesting and processing have evolved and improved slowly over the centuries. Orchards and vineyards are passed down through the generations along with their histories, stories, lives and love. It’s about family and friends. Everything is as natural and pure as it could possibly be. After all, the people who grow and make these products also eat them, themselves. Every day. Taste is important, but so too are the health benefits. When you pair these products with other tasty, wholesome foods, the end result is an almost limitless supply of culinary creativity.

A Great Painting Deserves a Great Frame in a Beautiful Gallery

Olives and Olive Oil, grapes, vineyards and balsamic vinegar are beautiful. The talented people who grow and produce our products are true artisans and masters of their craft. They create art as ingredients, so you can create art and magic in your own kitchen whether you’re a novice cook or world-class chef. Super delicious and healthy art, but culinary art nonetheless. We try to honour this by paying attention to aesthetics and experience at every step.  This includes store design and spatial aesthetics, bottles, packaging and displays. Our staff are a key ingredient in creating the best possible experience too. They are friendly, super-knowledgeable and we love them. We’re sure you will too. Our customers tell us the same thing by the way. Unlike most galleries however, our shops are places of participation, conversation, discovery and fun. Like we mentioned previously, we want you to just Go ahead, play with your food!”


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