In the same way there is a whole world beyond your own yard, there is a whole delicious world waiting beyond mac-n-cheese, or spaghetti and meatballs. Sure we all grew up with the classics and still love them (well most of us anyway), but you don’t have to go far to find awesome adventures in pasta that will make your mouth water and your dinner guests wanting seconds, or even third helpings (the kids included). We have a whole amazing world of artisan pastas along with delicious recipes for every occasion and every palate.

Olive Us offers an incredible array of flavourful artisan pastas from Pappardelle’s.  Select from dozens of delicious varieties, such as Lemon Chive Angel Hair pasta, Spicy Thai Linguine and Basil Garlic Sea Shells to exotics such as Chocolate Gemilli and Calypso Blend!  There are also many gluten-free and nutritional pastas to choose from.

Go Ahead, Play With Your Food!!