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Suggested Pairings

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VARIETAL EVOO’s Pair very well with any of our balsamics
Baklouti Green Chili Pepper – Fused Apricot; Pineapple; Peach; Black Cherry; Mango; Blackberry-Ginger; Espresso
Basil Gravenstein Apple; Strawberry; Sicilian Lemon; Grapefruit; Apricot; Oregano
Blood Orange – Fused Cranberry-Pear; Chocolate; Serrano Honey; Espresso; Black Currant; Pineapple; Cinnamon-Pear; Pomegranate-Quince
Butter Maple; Coconut; Black Cherry; Black Currant; Cinnamon Pear; Sicilian Lemon
Cayenne Chili Pepper – Fused Pomegranate; Tangerine; Peach; Apricot; Chocolate; Black Cherry; Black Currant
Chipotle Peach; Maple; Pomegranate-Quince; Serrano Honey; Chocolate; Pineapple; Black Cherry
Cilantro & Roasted Onion Sicilian Lemon; Coconut; Pomegranate; Fig; Red Apple; Honey-Ginger; Thai Lemongrass
Fennel – Fused Sicilian Lemon; Pomegranate
Garlic Traditional; Sicilian Lemon; Pineapple; Fig; Apricot; Serrano Honey; Pomegranate
Harissa Black Cherry; Mango; Espresso; Pineapple; Honey-Ginger; Blackberry-Ginger
Herbs de Provence Grapefruit; Pomegranate-Quince; Mango; Tangerine; Cranberry Pear; Sicilian Lemon
Lemon – Fused Blueberry; Raspberry; Cinnamon Pear; Pomegranate-Quince; Black Cherry; Peach; Apricot; Gravenstein Apple; Cranberry Pear
Limonato – Fused Cara Cara Orange Vanilla; Black Currant; Pomegranate-Quince; Sicilian Lemon
Milanese Gremolata Grapefruit; Sicilian Lemon; Tangerine; Black Currant; Oregano; Pomegranate-Quince
Persian Lime Blackberry-Ginger; Gravenstein Apple; Lemongrass Mint; Coconut; Pineapple; Honey-Ginger; Pomegranate; Blueberry
Tuscan Herb Neapolitan Herb; Sicilian Lemon; Fig; Peach; Cranberry Pear; Apricot; Traditional
Wild Fernleaf Dill Sicilian Lemon; Apricot; Oregano; Thai Lemongrass Mint
Wild Mushroom & Sage Red Apple; Fig; Sicilian Lemon; Maple; Pomegranate
Wild Rosemary – Fused Sicilian Lemon; Cranberry Pear; Peach; Fig; Pomegranate-Quince; Pomegranate; Peach


A-Premium White Pairs very well with most of our olive oils
Apricot – Blenheim Lemon; Baklouti; Blood Orange; Milanese Gremolata; Persian Lime; Wild Fernleaf Dill
Cara Cara Orange Vanilla Limonato; Blood Orange; Persian Lime; Basil; Roasted Walnut
Coconut Persian Lime; Cilantro & Roasted Onion; Toasted Sesame; Butter; Chipotle; Lemon
Cranberry-Pear Blood Orange; Lemon; Cayenne; Limonato; Wild Rosemary; Basil; Persian Lime;
Grapefruit Herbs de Provence; Milanese Gremolata; Basil; Lemon; Tuscan Herb; Persian Lime
Gravenstein Apple Persian Lime; Basil; Roasted Walnut; Herbs de Provence; Milanese Gremolata
Honey-Ginger Toasted Sesame; Garlic; Persian Lime; Chipotle; Harissa; Cilantro & Roasted Onion
Jalapeno Basil; Chipotle; Harissa; Garlic; Cilantro & Roasted Onion
Mango (Alfoos) Baklouti; Persian Lime; Harissa; Lemon; Herbs de Provence; Garlic; Limonato
Oregano Tuscan Herb; Garlic; Lemon; Basil; Wild Rosemary; Milanese Gremolata
Peach Tuscan Herb; Chipotle; Baklouti; Limonato; Blood Orange; Lemon; Herbs de Provence
Pomegranate-Quince Chipotle; Milanese Gremolata; Blood Orange; Limonato; Persian Lime
Pineapple Garlic; Basil; Toasted Sesame; Blood Orange; Harissa; Persian Lime; Chipotle
Sicilian Lemon Tuscan Herb; Herbs de Provence; Milanese Gremolata; Blood Orange; Wild Fernleaf Dill; Wild Mushroom & Sage; Cilantro & Roasted Onion; Garlic; Basil
Thai Lemongrass-Mint Persian Lime; Toasted Sesame; Cilantro & Roasted Onion; Wild Fernleaf Dill; Basil


Dark Toasted Sesame Oil Honey-Ginger; Tangerine; Coconut; Mango; Blackberry-Ginger; Thai Lemongrass-Mint
Roasted Walnut Oil Gravenstein Apple; Raspberry; Red Apple; Cinnamon Pear; Maple; Dark Chocolate; Fig; Espresso; Cara Cara Orange Vanilla


Blackberry-Ginger Persian Lime; Toasted Sesame; Cayenne; Baklouti; Blood Orange; Lemon; Harissa
Black Cherry Lemon; Harissa; Wild Rosemary; Walnut; Baklouti; Garlic; Cayenne; Persian Lime
Black Currant Butter; Cayenne; Blood Orange; Milanese Gremolata; Lemon; Limonato; Persian Lime
Blueberry Lemon; Basil; Blood Orange; Roasted Walnut; Limonato; Persian Lime
Cinnamon-Pear Blood Orange; Lemon; Butter; Chipotle; Wild Mushroom & Sage; Roasted Walnut
Dark Chocolate Blood Orange; Butter; Chipotle; Roasted Walnut; Cayenne
Espresso Dark Lemon; Blood Orange; Chipotle; Cayenne; Garlic; Roasted Walnut; Harissa
Fig (Black Mission Fig) Garlic; Persian Lime; Tuscan Herb; Blood Orange; Basil; Wild Mushroom & Sage
Maple Butter; Chipotle; Roasted Walnut; Blood Orange; Wild Mushroom & Sage
Neapolitan Herb Tuscan Herb; Garlic; Basil; Milanese Gremolata; Wild Mushroom & Sage
Pomegranate Fennel; Garlic; Wild Mushroom & Sage; Cilantro & Roasted Onion; Wild Rosemary; Persian Lime; Wild Fernleaf Dill; Walnut
Raspberry Basil; Cayenne; Lemon; Blood Orange; Roasted Walnut; Baklouti; Herbs de Provence; Garlic; Persian Lime; Chipotle
Red Apple Wild Mushroom & Sage; Wild Rosemary; Cilantro & Roasted Onion; Roasted Walnut
Serrano Honey Vinegar Chipotle; Garlic; Blood Orange; Basil; Tuscan Herb
Strawberry Basil; Lemon; Harissa; Tuscan Herb; Persian Lime; Limonato; Rosemary; Walnut
Tangerine Herbs de Provence; Toasted Sesame; Lemon; Milanese Gremolata; Chipotle; Persian Lime; Baklouti; Cayenne
Traditional Pairs very well with most of our olive oils

Go ahead…play with your food!!