This is the main event. The focal point of the meal and the part everyone anticipates the most. It’s the item you see listed most prominently on any menu, even though it virtually always requires an accompanying side dish, or dishes repertoire.

Roasted Butternut Squash Skillet

Mains, Recipes, Sides
The perfect dish for fall! Use your favourite squash for this recipe— it would be great with Acorn, Delicata, Red Kuri, and many others! The addition of cranberries, while optional, adds a burst of fresh flavour to the meal, plus leftover cranberries can be frozen, baked into scones, or added to other roasted vegetables. Enjoy!…
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Just like out of the movie, this ratatouille delivers on flavour and looks beautiful too! It’s perfect for a late summer harvest of zucchinis and tomatoes, but can be made anytime you have the produce on-hand. It’s easiest to slice the vegetables with a mandoline, but with some patience it can easily be done with…
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Lemon & Rosemary Grilled Halibut

Mains, Recipes
A great treat to share with family or friends! Perfect alongside fresh, local asparagus, risotto or wild rice, and a fresh salad! 3 tablespoons Olive Us Champagne Vinegar 1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice Zest of one lemon 3 tablespoons Olive Us Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or Rosemary, Leek, or Garlic) 1 tablespoon…
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Trumpet Pasta with Oregano Zucchini

This is a light and delicious dish that is perfect served alongside a large salad or at a summer dinner party! ½ lb Plain Trumpet pasta (or any of the other short pastas at Olive Us, like Trumpet Herb) 1/4C Olive Us Leek Fused Olive Oil (or Garlic , Single Varietal, Basil, Lemon, or Milanese Gremolata…
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