Let’s face it, this stuff is just too good to keep all to yourself isn’t it?? Nothing says love, caring and friendship like sharing something you love with the people you care about does it? Thank you for being you and being a part of my life. Sometimes you have the time and opportunity to shop leisurely and sometimes… you just don’t. Sometimes you know just what to get, and sometimes you don’t. You simply need a little help or advice. We’ve all been there haven’t we? The good news is we’re here to help and we’ve got you covered regardless of situation or budget. We’ll help you get something unique that your recipient will love and will love you for. Promise.


Olive Us has partnered with outstanding local chocolatier, Barrita Durward, owner of Cotton’s Chocolates, to create exquisite Chocolate Turtles, Truffles and other confectionery delights using extraordinary products from our collection!  Drop in for more unique creations and seasonal specials from other local chocolate artists that are sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet-tooth.

Jams, Jellies and Preserves

Olive Us has partnered with several local suppliers who could rightly be classified as food artists. The range and quality of their preserves is matched only by the unique flavours and ingredients they conjure together. Of course, we also have amazing products from more distant locations that will just knock your socks off too, but we really love the home team. For our friends from out of town, it’s always fun to bring home or share some of the wonders you discovered on your travels isn’t it? So if you forgot to buy something you loved, or simply ran out of, we’ll happily ship it to you wherever you might be.

Gift Baskets and More…

Where does Santa go when he needs ideas and inspiration? Where does he send his Elves for training? Well we don’t know either, but we think he wouldn’t go wrong coming to see us. Whether you’re just looking for a small token of thanks or some giant giftapalooza for a super special occasion, Olive Us has you covered. We go the extra mile whatever the occasion. What could be better than receiving a gift of healthy tasty treats all beautifully wrapped? Well, giving one of course. Go ahead, treat yourself and those you care about.

Self-Closing Pour Spouts & Tapi Pour Spouts

While pouring out of our bottles is easy, these pour spouts not only look cool, but they’re practical and stylish.  Why is that, you ask?  Ever get a dribble down the side of your bottle after pouring?  We did too, until… we started using these awesome pour spouts!  Now we have them on every bottle at home.

The Self-Closing Pour Spouts are probably the envy of any Michelin 5 Star restaurant… Now you can serve your oils and balsamics with the same exaggerated panache as even the snootiest, mustachioed waiter (should you desire).  Regardless of anyone’s need for culinary pretense, we think you’ll find these pour spouts simple and indispensable additions for food prep or the table.

Tapi Pour Spouts may not be as visually stunning as the Self-Closing Pour Spouts, but they get the job done just as well.  These babies also seal out the air to ensure your olive oil stays fresh.


Go Ahead, Play With Your Food!!