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The Preservatory Chile Pepper Jam

Jams, Jellies and Other Preserves

Do you remember Grandma making the most delicious jams imaginable and do you recall how wonderful it was to watch, or help her make them when you were a kid? How those wonderful summer experiences came alive again in the cold winter months each time you opened a jar of her preserves and put that nectar on your toast or sandwiches? Those days may be gone, but there are still people out there making small batch preserves with love, care and skills passed down through generations.

The best thing, is that these jam making master craftspeople also have access to ingredients Grandma couldn’t possibly have obtained back in the day. This means the world of flavor combinations and possibilities is just off the charts more expansive now. Not only that, but gorgeous packaging and presentation means they make fabulous gifts too.

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The world of relish is so far beyond that sticky goop you get on your hot-dogs at baseball games, that it’s hard to believe they even share the same name. Sure, we all enjoy a classic “picnic hot-dog” now and again, but there is a whole wide world galaxy of knock-your-socks-off relishes out there and more great ways to use them than you ever imagined. We carry some of the most delicious and unique artisanal relishes you’ll find this side of the other side. Can you just say YUM?


Tapenades are to crackers, what a Saturn 5 Rocket is to an Apollo space capsule – a way to experience something out of this world. Of course, tapenades are a lot more versatile than just being a tasty companion for crackers. If you’ve ever been to the Mediterranean region, you’ll know this is a staple food, both as an hors d’oeuvre and cooking ingredient. It has roots in the Provence area of France. While its primary ingredients are a puree of finely chopped olives, capers, and olive oil, there are many other variations such as the addition of garlic, lemon, anchovies or even brandy.