Adding WOW to Your Culinary Creations with an Array of Sea Salts, Spices & Sugars

Finishing, Flake, and Gourmet Salts

Finishing salts, such as our Fleur de Sel, are the premier varieties of specialty salts. Harvested generally by hand in specific regions of the world, finishing salts are most admired for their unique textures—either moist crystals or delicate flakes. Both varieties provide a strong crunch and dissolve quickly, resulting in a burst of clean, mild flavor with each bite. These salts enhance the depth of natural flavors of in any dish, and enrich a table setting with beautiful, shimmering presentation. The various colors and flakes of finishing salts make gorgeous garnishes for every meal.

Flake salt, such as Murray River Flake salt, is a light crystal reminiscent of snowflakes. Seawater is evaporated using the natural processes of sun and wind, producing salt brine that is fed into an open evaporating pan. The brine is then slowly heated until delicate pyramid-shaped crystals of salt appear. The finished product is light, flakey sea salt. Flake salts can come in many different flake sizes, from large pyramid-shaped flakes to paper-thin, delicate flakes.

Smoked Sea Salts

Smoked sea salts add a unique flavor to a wide range of dishes and are delicious for grilling or oven roasting—and an absolute must when cooking salmon! Unlike artificially infused smoke-flavoured salts, all of the smoked sea salts available at Olive Us are created using natural smoking methods. They are slow-smoked in cold smokers over real wood fires to infuse the salt crystals with 100% natural smoke.  These wonderful smoked sea salts add an authentic smokehouse flavour to meats, veggies, soups, salads, pasta, and sandwiches.

Fused Salts

Our fused salts bind natural ingredients to sea salt crystals — every single one! The result is a flavour fusion more impactful than just a seasoning blend. What’s more is that everything about the process is 100% natural, from the ingredients to their perfect union. These fused salts are a perfect opportunity to get more creative with your cooking and even think beyond traditional pairings…Thai Ginger is divine on Asian noodles and fish, but try a sprinkle on popcorn with our Persian Lime Olive Oil…or even on vanilla ice cream! Another friendly reminder to always have fun in your kitchen.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Olive Us has made sure to get the very highest quality 100% natural Himalayan salt available. With more than 84 trace minerals and none of the additives or aluminum compounds found in refined table salt, our Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts found on earth. Having been protected by hardened lava within the Himalayan salt beds for hundreds of millions of years, when it comes to purity and mineral content, no other salt compares. The many hues of pink, red and white are an indication of this salt’s rich and varying mineral and iron content.

Himalayan Pink Salt has been praised by health and culinary experts for centuries. Himalayan Pink sea salt can be used in everyday cooking to add flavour, texture and minerals to your dishes. It’s coarse enough that a little goes a long ways and is a healthy substitute for table salt as its health benefits are vast.

Available in fine or coarse grain (coarse grain requires the use of a salt grinder)

Murray River Flake Salt – Sold Out!

Murray River salt crystals are light & delicate peach colored flakes with a wonderfully mild flavour. The texture is ideal for use as a finishing salt. The crystals melt quickly and evenly making Murray River flake salt ideal for finishing, roasting, and baking.

The Murray River is the greatest of Australia’s rivers. The source of its water is the snowy Australian Alps. Salt is a natural feature in many Australian landscapes. The Murray-Darling Basin’s low rainfall and high evaporation have combined to concentrate salt in the groundwater. This salt is produced naturally from the underground brines in the Murray Darling Basin. A red pigment, carotene, is secreted from the salt tolerant algae. The underground saline waters have been laying dormant for thousands of years. By utilizing these waters the environment is improved and a beautiful salt is produced.

Fleur de Sel

Our Fleur de Sel by Le Trésor is the crème de la crème of finishing salts. Fleur de Sel literally translates to “Flower of Salt” and is often called the “caviar of salts” by chefs worldwide. True Fleur de Sel is made up of only “young” crystals, from the Guérande region of France that form naturally on the surface of salt evaporation ponds. Paludiers (the salt harvesters of the Guérande region) carefully rake the salt crystals using only wooden tools, true to traditional Celtic methods. The weather conditions must be just right to produce a good Fleur de Sel harvest, and the process can only be completed once a year, in the summer.

Sprinkle our Fleur de Sel atop salad, baked vegetables and grilled meat for a lightly salted flavour that enhances any food it goes on.

Fumée de Sel – Sold Out!

Fumée de Sel® by Le Tresor is unlike any smoked sea salt available. Fleur de Sel is cold smoked with Chardonnay oak chips to preserve the mineral content and natural flavour of the salt.  Le Tresor Fumée de Sel is smoked from seasoned French oak wine barrels, which for years have been used in the aging of fine wines. The five to seven year old barrels are hand selected for wood smoking chips.

Starting with Fleur de Sel salt crystals that are hand raked in France and ending with the all natural smoking that is done in very small batches, this unique smoked salt is handmade from start to finish. The moist Fleur de Sel crystals readily absorb the natural smoked flavours of the oak and chardonnay. The crystals are smoked to a light toasty brown and have a deep smoke flavour without being bitter.

Black Truffle Sea Salt

All-natural Black Truffle Sea Salt combines the distinct taste of black truffles with pure sea salt crystals to create an uncommonly delicious flavouring. A creative chef’s dream, black truffle salt adds a hint of earthy, mushroomy flavour to beef, eggs, potatoes and pasta. For an added truffle taste, try it with a drizzle of Olive Us Truffle Olive Oil on grilled steak or even popcorn!

Kala Namak Sea Salt – Sold Out!

Kala Namak, or Indian Black Salt, is an unrefined mineral salt. It is actually a pearly, pinkish-gray colour rather than black, and has a strong, sulfuric (egg) flavour and aroma.

Try this unique sea salt in vegan dishes, such as tofu scrambles, to add egg flavour. Also used for cooking authentic Indian dishes and is popular in mango smoothies.

Lemon Twist Sea Salt

Lemon & salt make a perfect flavour pair! This natural lemon fused sea salt is an essential salt for seafood lovers, bartenders and pastry chefs. Both kids and adults can appreciate the addition of Lemon Twist salt to their meal. Popcorn made with Olive Us Butter Infused olive oil and Lemon Twist Sea Salt is one of the tasting room favourites!

Lime Fresco Sea Salt

The natural flavour of lime is an international favourite. Thai food, margaritas, desserts… the uses are plentiful. Lime Fresco Sea Salt is tart without being too sour. It is refreshing and versatile. Use to rim a drink glass, sprinkle on chicken or fish before grilling or add to a crisp salad for a surprising hint of citrus. A sprinkle on fresh avocado is fast and fabulous!

Thai Ginger Sea Salt

Combine the clean simple flavour of sea salt with fresh, juicy ginger. The all natural ginger flavour of this variety cannot be matched by powdered or synthetic flavourings. Use on grilled veggies, Asian noodles or fish. One of the Olive Us favs! Added to popcorn?? Oh ya!!

Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt

Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt is an all natural sea salt that delivers a straight from the herb garden flavour. A perfect pairing with roasted potatoes, it will make this simple dish extraordinary. Add to any dish to give it a fresh, herbed taste.

Toasted Onion Sea Salt – Sold Out!

Toasted Onion Sea Salt adds a deliciously rich onion flavour to any dish. This fusion of sea salt and toasted onion is perfect on top of grilled asparagus & adds a depth of flavor to practically anything. This sea salt also melds perfectly with golden, oven-baked chicken.

Smoked Serrano Sea Salt

The Serrano chilies that are used are unique; they’re left on the vine to mature until they turn scarlet red and are then picked and slowly smoked until the flavours blossom. Smoked Serrano chilies have a spicy, lingering flavour with subtle notes of berry. Mixed with sea salt it can be used to make authentic spicy sauces. Smoked Serrano Sea Salt pairs well with sweet fruits such as mango or pineapple for a non-traditional salsa.

Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt – Sold Out!

Take your favourite crusty sourdough bread, spread with Olive Us evoo and top with a pinch of Tomato Sea Salt. What could be better or easier? The rich tomato flavour is created by a special process that actually incorporates the whole tomato. This is literally tomatoes mixed with sea salt. Great for soups and sauces, topping appetizers or mixed with herbs to create an amazing

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt is all natural sea salt infused with real roasted garlic! This is a much improved, very gourmet version of traditional garlic salt. Try on absolutely anything…the flavour is out of this world!

Espresso Brava Sea Salt – Sold Out!

In Italian tradition, espresso is best enjoyed in one hot gulp, but around here, we adore the fusion of espresso with sea salt. It’s not only a delicious addition to chocolates and desserts, it’s also a rising star in rubs and marinades for steak, pork, or whatever you can think of! A delicious match with a cognac reduction, or anything with nutmeg, anise, vanilla, cherry, hazelnut, raspberry…The only limit for this sea salt is your imagination.

Olive Us loves this one on ice cream, in homemade granola, baking and in chili too!

Vintage Merlot Sea Salt

The delicious product is a wonderful addition to gravy and sauces, and its rich, deep color makes it a visually stunning finishing salt. It also serves as further proof that many great ideas form over a glass of wine.

Spicy Curry Sea Salt

Curry powder is a mix of spices. Researched for the best blend of these spices to combine with sea salt to create this unique flavour, Japanese spicy curry has a deeper more complex essence than some of its counterparts. The fragrance is heavenly and the flavour superb. Try with scrambled eggs, chicken, pasta, tofu…the possibilities abound!

Sriracha Sea Salt

Sriracha and sea salt—two ingredients that make everything better! Enjoy the tangy Thai heat of sun-ripened chilies infused into all-natural flake sea salt. Use it in soups, sauces, noodles, pizza, popcorn—the real question is: what can’t you use it on?

Chipotle Sea Salt – Sold Out!

comingsoon2_512x512This smoky seasoning combines the earthy spiciness of smoked chipotle peppers with the crisp taste of all natural Pacific sea salt. Made with real smoke-dried jalapeno peppers, and as warm and delicious as its namesake, this salt has a rich, toasted pepper flavor that brings a dash of fiesta to the table.

Habanero Pepper Sea Salt

This spicy sea salt will put a spring in your step! Using ground down high-quality, high-heat habaneros creates this intense sea salt with a kick. This is the perfect salt for anyone who likes to add a little extra punch to anything on the grill. A great match with recipes that call for lime. Sprinkle on avocado, eggs, or even sliced mango! Use sparingly!

Ghost Pepper Sea Salt

With a taste only for the very daring, this salt is one of the hottest salts in the world! Made from pure, unrefined sea salt and the Naga Jolokia pepper, this salt has a spicy hot flavour that is without compare. Named for one of the most venomous snakes in India, this pepper, also known as the King Cobra Chili, has a blazing heat that is out of this world. For some flaming flavour, Olive Us sprinkles this over chicken wings, chili, or fajitas, but beware – this salt bites back!

Scorpion Venom Sea Salt

Venom is our hottest variety yet! This blend of all-natural sea salt and Trinidad Scorpion Pepper boasts more than just a bite; a little pinch leaves a lasting sting. Add it to any dish for a fiery kick—and consider yourself warned!

Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt

This is an all-natural sea salt, cold smoked with genuine Mesquite wood. This tenacious wood has a strong, hearty flavour that complements red meat or any dish that needs an authentic Southwest twist. Genuine mesquite smoke combined with pure sea salt creates a savory seasoning that is ideally suited for using on the grill at home! No liquid smoke, artificial flavors or coloring are added.

Robusto Smoked Sea Salt

Pacific sea salt flakes are cold smoked with a blend of real hardwood and fruitwood logs to create a distinctive and robust smokehouse flavour. The dense smoke flavour of this sea salt means it can be used on its own, rubbed onto steak, pork or any hardy meat. No liquid smoke, artificial flavors or coloring are

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

Our Hickory Smoked Sea Salt is created when delicate Pacific sea salt flakes are naturally smoked with untreated Hickory wood, resulting in a full, smoked flavour without turning bitter. As always, there’s no liquid smoke or artificial flavour added. Hickory smoked flavour is synonymous with southern cooking and is a natural with ribs and burgers, or any red meat.

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

Utilizing sweet Applewood to fuel the fires that flavour this naturally smoked sea salt, aged Applewood is one of the most popular of the fruit woods used in smoking, and creates a delicious, savory flavour. No liquid smoke, artificial flavours or coloring are added.

Olive Us loves it on salmon or roasted vegetables as well as a unique addition to beer can chicken.

Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt – Sold Out!

This Pacific Sea Salt is slow smoked over real Alderwood, giving it an authentic, clean smoke flavour. Northwest Red Alderwood has been used to smoke salmon and other meats for hundreds and hundreds of years, making it a true Northwest tradition. Use it to create a most unique and beautiful spice to use in any of your favourite recipes, both on and off the BBQ. No liquid smoke, artificial flavours or coloring are added.


Just two ingredients and all natural! These blends are created using organic, fair-trade certified pure cane evaporated sugar combined with all-natural flavours… So many ways to enjoy!

Vanilla Bean Organic Cane Sugar

Tahitian vanilla beans and real cane sugar are blended to create a sweet, rich flavour that is the perfect addition to hot tea, coffee, cookies and desserts, fruit and much more. Our Vanilla Bean sugar has a delicate texture and full flavour which make it a beautiful and easy addition to a wide-range of dishes and recipes.

Raspberry Organic Cane Sugar

Red Raspberries are the star ingredient in this beautiful, fuchsia coloured sugar. The natural colour alone makes our Raspberry sugar perfect for topping sweets and has a phenomenal real fruit flavour. Sprinkle on scallops while grilling for a caramelized glaze or rim a glass of chilled champagne or lemonade.

Lemon Organic Cane Sugar

The classic combination of lemon and sugar is perfectly captured in our Cane Lemon sugar. All natural and with just the right amount of citrusy flavour, this Cane Lemon sugar is a fresh addition to savory and sweet dishes. Ideal for baking, rimming a glass, summer salads, and so much more.

Coconut Organic Cane Sugar

An exotic infusion of all natural cane sugar and tropical coconut, our Coconut sugar is a sweet treat with the lush aroma and flavour of fresh coconuts. Reminiscent of the flavour of pina coladas, this coconut sugar is a delicious as a drink rimmer, on top of fresh fruit, or sprinkled over sweet barbeque glazed ribs or grilled prawns.

Habanero Organic Cane Sugar

Sweet with a lot of heat! This Habanero sugar is a fiery hot fusion of authentic habanero peppers and natural cane sugar, perfect for adding to anything that needs an extra punch of spice with a hint of sugar. Perfect for spicing up chocolate desserts and candies, fruit salads and sorbets, or on the grill over seafood or poultry.

Sweet Onion Organic Sugar

Toasted onions and pure cane sugar are blended together, creating this Sweet Onion sugar. With its unpredictable, special taste of caramelized onions, this sugar is the perfect new “secret ingredient.” Use to create a glaze over scallops while grilling, or toss in a salad; Sweet Onion sugar will add a new and unique touch to practically any dish.

Espresso Sugar – Sold Out!

A delicious pick-me-up for almost any recipe, our Espresso sugar is made with freshly ground roasted espresso beans and organic, all natural cane sugar. Full of robust flavour, this sugar adds a burst of espresso flavour to desserts, spice rubs, grilled meats, or the rim of a cocktail.