Olive Us Vodka Grapefruit Splash


2 oz Vodka (or Grapefruit Vodka)
1 oz Olive Us Grapefruit White Balsamic*
4-6 oz Soda or sparkling water

Squeeze of fresh red grapefruit or splash of grapefruit juice

Garnish with slice/wedge of red grapefruit and/or sprig of basil

Rimmer (optional):  Olive Us Grapefruit White Balsamic and Olive Us Lemon Twist Sea Salt (or Olive Us Lemon Twist Sea Salt mixed with Lemon Organic Sugar)

Rim the glass first and fill with ice. Add first 4 ingredients, stir, garnish and sip!

*Also great with Olive Us Peach White Balsamic and so many more!

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