Here, You’ll Find a Treasure Trove of Amazing Things You Can Make With Our Products

We’ve included dozens of our favourite recipes in easy-to-reference categories, so you’ll be able to come up with ideas for any meal situation imaginable. Whether it’s a quick and dirty weekday sit-down with the family, a sumptuous 43-course, five-star Michelin food-fest (okay, we’re exaggerating), or a BBQ at the beach, we’ve got you covered. We’ve personally made and consumed every single recipe we post here, so you know we love them. More important, you know they’re easy to make. We’re sure you’ll love them too. We’d love hear about any of your culinary experiments that you’d like to share with the community too. Hey, we’re all in this together aren’t we?

Truffled Pasta with Wine and Chanterelles

This light, savoury dish is one that we come back to again and again for a quick, weeknight dinner. If you’re a truffle lover, you’ll appreciate the earthy aspects of the dish combined with the bright flavours of white wine and lemon. However, if you’re not a truffle fan, just omit the truffle oil and…
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Pesto Cavatappi Pasta with Basil Pesto

Simple and delicious meal for a summer gathering or a weeknight— make sure there are leftovers because this is a great lunch the next day! ½ lb Pesto Cavatappi pasta (or another short cut pasta—find it at Olive Us!) 1/2C pesto (find our recipe here, find two kinds in-store at Olive Us, or our online…
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Olive Us Cranberry Pear Cranberry Sauce

A great accompaniment alongside roasted turkey, holiday cauliflower (vegan “turkey”) or with mashed potatoes! Enjoy! 2 cups fresh or frozen cranberries 1/4 cup Olive Us Cranberry Pear White Balsamic 1/2 cup water 1/4-1/2 cup organic cane sugar 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg (optional) 1 tsp orange zest (optional) In a small pot over medium heat combine…
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Creamy Spinach and Zucchini Pasta

Easy and flavourful pasta dish that’s light and loaded with vegetables (topped with cream sauce of course). Broil it after for a beautifully golden brown, melted cheesy top! Pasta ½ lb Plain Trumpet pasta (or any of the other short pastas at Olive Us, like Trumpet Herb) 3 Tbsp Olive Us Garlic Olive Oil (or…
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Boeuf Bourguignon

A variation on Julia Child’s famous dish, your house will be filled with warm stewing scents of wine, garlic, and braised beef! Such a good meal on a chilly winter’s day or any time of year you’re craving a hearty stew. Soak up the sauce/gravy with a slice of thick-crusted, good bread or pour it…
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Nova Scotia Oatcakes

These little beauties are a tasty treat when you need a teatime snack, a lightweight hiking cookie, or school lunch addition (plus they can be made nut free)! The addition of flax, coconut, or nuts is a great boost of fiber and the healthy EVOO makes these cookies not only taste good, but good for…
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