You could go to the best restaurant on the planet and order the most delicious entree of all time, but if it arrives on your table sitting there all alone on the plate, you’re going feel at least a little ripped off aren’t you? Entrees may be the main event, but they need sides. Sides can also be standalone and served in all kinds of situations. They may be the unsung hero of the dining world, but they’re also its workhorses. You can work magic with sides and we want to help you.

Fresh Strawberry Salsa

This recipe was created by Jennifer Innis and kindly shared by Jennifer and Davison Orchards in Vernon, BC!  Thanks!! 4 cups of chopped fresh strawberries 1 TBSP finely diced green jalapeño pepper (soak in 1 TBSP lime juice to cut the heat, if you’d like) 1/4 cup chopped, fresh mint (any variety) 1/2 cup of…
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Fresh Mango Salsa

Fresh salsa is quick to make and lends itself to spur of the moment adaptations!  Make it the way you like it!  Fantastic for dipping or to dress up a meal!! Ingredients: 2 – 3 mangoes, peeled, pitted and chopped 1 – 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 small red onion (or more to taste), diced…
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Arugula Pesto

Look at that lovely nest of bright spring-green happiness!  The color of the pesto is everything you would expect, but one bite will tell you that you’re not dealing with the usual pesto suspect, basil.  When it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are the grocery store basil is grown in a warmer clime and…
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Grilled Garlic Scapes

Ever wonder what to do with those beautiful fresh garlic scapes you see at the farmers’ market or snip off your own plants?  Grilling sweetens and mellows garlic scapes, turning them into a lovely sidekick for an early summer meal or a delicious addition to a salad, pasta or stir fry! Toss them with some…
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Grilled Chicken Sandwich

There’s no end to possibility for making sandwiches using your healthy and flavourful Olive Us oils and balsamics!! The scrumptious lunch shown is a Ciabatta bun grilled in Olive Us all natural Butter Olive Oil with our Hickory Smoked Pepper, sliced cucumbers & sweet onion…accompanied by slices of cuke sprinkled with our spicy Habanero Sea…
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